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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if things got easier with age instead of harder?

Have you felt like things in your body just don’t work like they use to making it more difficult to do the things you use to love doing?

Have doctors and friends told you: “It’s just apart of the aging process, you get use to it?”

We are all aging. It’s just that some of you are aging faster than others.

The quality of your life is more important than the quantity. Nobody wants to be around forever in poor health! You feel young, but your body isn’t keeping up with your youthful mentality.

Joints are getting a little stiffer in the hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders. Your step may be getting a little bit slower.  You may not remember the finer details like you use to. Yet you still have the desire to do more, travel more, and live life to the fullest!

Life extension is an admirable goal, but not at the expense of good health and quality of life.

How well you age is entirely up to you.

It is believed that as we age we naturally start to lose our functioning in a variety of areas: eyesight, hearing, balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, memory, and learning new skills - you name it! I’ve heard it referenced multiple times from our clients as the “inevitable decline.”

But is this true? Are we doomed to lose “it” as we age?

You still have dreams, dreams that are only possible if you’re fit, healthy, and able to accomplish them.

Deep down inside you don’t want to believe that it will keep getting worse. Despite what doctors have told you, despite what you hear from your friends, somewhere inside you believe that better is possible…even at your age.

Meet Virginia: Virginia has always led a healthy lifestyle. She stayed active by walking every day, playing golf and tennis on the weekends, and travelled with ease. Stiff joints and discomfort crept in and began to slow her down physically once she reached 60 years old with chronic arthritis, restless leg syndrome, and high cholesterol.

It wasn’t an overnight shift either; it was a slow progressing reality. She began a personalized exercise routine twice per week to build her strength, balance, and overall health. Her strength and endurance improved and she was feeling great about herself!

It wasn’t until about a year later that she was hit with the news that she had breast cancer. She had a mastectomy to be sure that she was free and clear, but the chemo set off a pre-existing problem that nobody saw coming. After years of an unhealthy diet, without any vegetables and proper nutrients, she developed problems in her colon and large intestine. Her insides exploded, her body was septic, and it took 9 hours of surgery to give her a chance for survival. She was in ICU for 6 weeks with a long road to recovery.

It’s not a pretty story and I don’t share this to scare you.

It’s one that is hard for me to share because Virginia is my mom.

To watch your mom suffer the way she did was incredibly difficult. To watch your loved one fight for her life day in and day out was both physically and emotionally painful for me.

Through this trauma, I learned that the body and the mind are both powerful and resilient. My mom’s courage, strength, and shear determination are not only admirable but it’s why she is still alive today.

What would your life be like if you could extend the quality of your life and recapture a body that moves well, pain free, and both your brain and body are functional for all the activities you love in life?

That is why I created the Neurogevity Method™.

With the Neurogevity Method™ we are re-defining how people age at Aleda Fitness. Not only is getting better with age possible, it is inevitable if you optimize the health of one thing: the brain.

You can retrain and rewire your brain for optimal health.

Everything that you feel you might be “losing” is simply lying dormant. Balance, strength, eyesight, pain, hearing, posture, and coordination are all just skills. All of these skills live in the brain and can be learned and retrained.

The old saying “use it or lose it” turns out to be true. Your brain will only preserve what is actively used to conserve precious energy. Any skills that you do not practice regularly will start to fall away like a distant memory.

The brain will only appreciate what you actively focus on. Anything that isn’t actively being used, like balance or strength, will begin to degrade as the brain allots its precious energy for something else.

Your brain is designed to keep you exactly the way you are right now.

The bottom line is: you only get better at exactly what you practice. Fortunately, you can rewire and retrain your brain to put things back ‘online’ so to speak. If not, things will continue to degenerate, deteriorate, and neurons will actually die.

How can you age more gracefully, see with more clarity, improve your balance and coordination, and live life to the fullest for the remainder of your life? Build a resilient brain, cultivate an active mind, and practice what you want to improve.

So next time you hear yourself saying: “I’m too young to feel this old!”, just remember you can get “it” back no matter what “it” is. Your brain has the unique ability to adapt and rewire if you feed it the right information and get enough practice.

You can start to feel better at any age – you have a lot of influence on the quality of your own aging process. You’ll find that by practicing just a few things you can regain control and confidence in your life.

Luckily at Aleda we help you align yourself with the natural way the brain is designed to work. We speak “brain” so you don’t have to! 

If you want to help keep your brain activated and reverse the effects of the “inevitable decline” please register for our next Neurogevity Method™ Seminar below where you will learn:

·      What NOT to do if you want to age on the incline vs. the decline

·      The 3 Key Ingredients to keeping the brain happy and healthy

·      How to have more energy NOW than you did 20-30 years ago

·      The 4 Daily Drivers that are stealing your energy every day

·      How you can use the Brain to improve with age so that you can stay active well into your years

·      The 3 Significant Systems that help Prevent Falls

·      The 6 Pillars of Aging Well that prevent the “inevitable decline”

·      The 3 Steps to feeling confident and in control of your aging process

·      Simple tools you can use to build trust with your body again

Get back into the driver’s seat of your body. You have the control. You have the choice to feel better.

It’s your health and your legacy.

It’s never too late to start…or too early.

Now would be a good time to start! The easy thing to do is to let yourself go. The hard thing to do is to make a daily conscious effort towards taking care of yourself so your loved ones don’t have to.

You have exertions and adventures to lead, things to do, places to see, and a life to fully live! Life is an adventure, but your health doesn’t have to be.

If you want to get a jumpstart on optimizing your health and giving you brain what it needs to live a full, long life come to our live seminar on Saturday May 20th at 12pm to discover the simple steps you can take to age well.

We will be offering an opportunity at the end of the seminar to join our 8-Week Neurogevity Method™ Program – the brain-based training method for aging on the inevitable incline!


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