Change The Way You Move. Change The Way You Feel. Change Your Life.



Are you ready for a different kind of gym experience? One that you actually enjoy coming back to, one that makes you feel welcomed and cared for? Aleda will help keep you accountable, consistent, and moving safely towards your goals. Each individual program is carefully designed to meet you where you are at and provide a safe, but challenging progression to get you results! 

Neurogevity Method ™

Find out how we are redefining the way people age at Aleda Fitness. Our unique method is helping people do things they never though possible as they age. If you're ready to turn back the clock on how you feel and to find what you're capable of we are here to show you better is possible at any age!

Group Classes

Looking for a supportive community of like-minded people who encourage you and support you on your journey? Our group classes are designed to meet people of all ability levels where they are so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of our classes. Whether you are working on losing weight, gaining strength, or preventing falls we've got you covered!

"I've noticed all the little changes like hopping out of bed without struggling, walking over streams and rocks without needing any help, and being able to get out and explore new places freely." - Marge F. 
"Now we have hope in our life for the future and cannot imagine life without Aleda. We went from just existing, to looking forward to new adventures and activities!" - Bob F.